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Bendigo Boom Town –
Finding low-cost couriers


One of the main regional cities in Victoria is Bendigo. It is located about 150 kilometres from Melbourne, and from its origins as a gold mining boom town to a modern day financial centre, the city is named after the local goldfields that were named after a shepherd nicknamed Bendigo who settled in the area during the 1840s. 

A post office opened in 1852 with the same name, and since then, there has been a constant demand for courier and freight services out of Bendigo.

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The comprehensive road and rail transport network that supported the boom town era now links the city to the surrounding neighborhoods. They provide excellent links for both individuals and businesses taking advantage of the local economy and employment opportunities in tourism, engineering, finance, education and commerce.

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Once you have chosen your preferred delivery option, you can select a cheap courier in Bendigo to send items:

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Delivery options available to you online

When selecting a Bendigo courier company, make sure you understand the options available to you and the different methods of shipping freight including:

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