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If you are one of the 10,000 businesses in Geelong wanting to ensure timely delivery of parcels to interstate or international destinations, then we know that you want to be assured of quality, reliable services and the cheapest cost possible.

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We know that that majority of people use Geelong couriers that can guarantee the same day or next day delivery to any domestic drop off point to suit your requirements. Here at Compare Couriers, we help you to find the most ideal courier candidate in Geelong that can do the job at the best price.

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A little bit about Geelong and its courier services

The name ‘Geelong’ was derived in 1827 from the local Aboriginal name for the area that is thought to mean ‘cliffs’ or ‘land’. It is a city with a port that is surrounded by hills and plains. This makes it an ideal candidate for both land and sea freight by local couriers.

The port city became popular for a short time as a result of finding gold in the Ballarat area; however, it was wool, paper and rope manufacturing that made its fortune. Geelong maintained its status as an industrial city well into the 20th Century as Ford cars began to be made there.

Since the expansion of the airport in 2004, Geelong enjoys cheap air connections with other Australian cities. Along with road and modern high-rise residential development, there has been a vast amount of money invested in the city.

The city is also a main hub for trains linking to Melbourne and other destinations from the seven railway stations. Freight services are also available to link up businesses with local industries, so check out the coureir deals on land, sea and air freight today with Compare Couriers.