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Welcome to Compare Couriers,

the page where you can find the best delivery deals across Australia by comparing the services of 200 different couriers. Finding the right courier from an ever increasing number of different companies can be a daunting prospect. That’s why, at Compare Couriers, we’ve developed a powerful comparison engine designed to help you find the courier company that is exactly right for you through our powerful online resource. We have integrated a powerful rate calculator (including postage rates) which can help you to compare prices on all types of courier services in order to pin point the exact company who’re going to deliver the goods.

Whether you specialise in moving large quantities of freight via courier or you simply want to find the best rates on courier service throughout the expansive nation of Australia; Compare Couriers gives you the best of both worlds. We allow you access to a wide range of courier services and companies, each one competing to delivery your packages faster and offer you the lowest quotes and most competitive rates. Still can’t find what you are after? try our mates over at

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Cheap Courier Rates and Services

Some courier companies are renowned for their sturdy service record and reliability in both freight as well as package and parcel delivery throughout the country. However these well established companies are also competing with a wave of new courier companies who are offering excellent cheap rates and discount deals on their courier services as a means of attracting new business and driving growth forward.

Low Cost Interstate Shipping

Shipping goods across the country can be costly and at times, fraught with peril, if you’re unwilling to take the time out to research and locate the right service for you. We’ve established this website as an aid to companies as well as individuals across Australia, all of whom are looking to book great deals, reduce the risks of package and postal delivery across the nation and also while comparing which courier companies offer the best rates, including the best cheap and discount specials. That’s why we give you the chance to book interstate shipping at discounted rates. was born out of a desire to ensure that customers are able to make their own comparisons on Australian based courier services and thus allow them the freedom to choose the best and most suitable service to suit their needs. We soon realised that people were visiting our site as a means not simply of comparing what was available on the Australian courier market, but simultaneously tracking down cheap deals, and finding excellent quotes on their next courier.

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