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Sending Items by International Air Freight

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Owing to the ongoing trends of globalisation, technology and internet penetration and convergence, Australia is in a prime position to exploit the increasing openness of international trade and economics. With trade barriers and international borders being eroded, Australian companies can better exploit opportunities abroad.

This is done through exporting more goods and services, as well as transferring financial capital in and out of the country. One of the major beneficiaries of this increasing economic interdependence has been national courier companies who have readily served the delivery needs of Australians by providing both inbound and outbound international services efficiently by air. Alongside the national providers, many dedicated international couriers also cater for all of your delivery needs to foreign places.

Unlike domestic or interstate transport, international transport involves complex issues. When sending or receiving parcels and goods from abroad, you need to first determine which mode of transport you will be using. By far the most efficient service, is the use of airfreight. Your delivery might still involve other modes of transport such as international freight shipping or truck delivery. Another term that you need to familiarize yourself with is the use of international freight forwarding during shipment. These are agents who contract with various couriers and keep regular contact with both the sender and receiver of goods. Besides choosing a suitable international courier, you also need to choose an appropriate international freight forwarder before delivery as well.

Your Choice of International Freight Services

When sending and receiving your parcels and other goods from outside Australia, safety, reliability and speed are crucial factors that you need. Our list of cheap international freight couriers will surely help you in this regard, as you can customise many of the elements of your delivery instantly and accurately before actually sending or receiving your goods.

There is obviously more risk attached when choosing a courier to deliver international parcel delivery and freight. Not only do you have to worry about the condition of your goods, but also any applicable insurance, number of intermediaries, selected routes, economic conditions, and even weather conditions of various countries. Below are some key features and factors that combine to create your chosen service for international freight companies when choosing from among the various options:

  • You will be keen to see a good track record and similar levels of experience.
  • Operating policies that are not too restrictive.
  • Frequency of pickups and deliveries.
  • Valid tracking and reliability data on time it will take to deliver your consignment.
  • Excellent customer care helpline in case of query.

International Freight Deliveries

When thinking about sending bulk deliveries through one of the many available firms, you should always check their liability provisions and other important information as well as receive a detailed international freight quote. The same also applies when dealing with express and parcel deliveries. In order to provide you with convenience and up-to-date information, our well-designed quotation system can help you choose the best international courier service that is most suitable for your business or your customers.

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