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Interstate Couriers

Our courier services make it easier and more cost effective than ever before for businesses and individuals to post items of all shapes and sizes locally and interstate therefore making your shipping experience better.


Find Cheap Interstate Transport

For the cheapest interstate courier services Australia wide, use our search box provided above to help you find the best rates on couriers to suit your delivery option.

As one of the world’s largest countries and islands, Australia’s position on the world map is hard to miss. The sprawling country of 7,692,024 square kilometres is divided into a total of 6 semi-autonomous states: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. Additionally, it also has two mainland territories (quasi-states) known as Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Apart from the country’s political demarcation, Australia is a vast area that often requires the movement of parcels and goods interstate.

To communicate and send messages and goods across the various states of the country can sometimes feel daunting and challenging. Distances between one state and another can be as little as a few hundred kilometres to as much as a couple of thousand kilometres. That is why you need a dependable and constantly updated service to make things easy by helping you track down the best interstate couriers. This is where we can help.

  • Save and money on courier costs
  • Free to use
  • Customise your delivery
  • Compare the best brands

Interstate Couriers at Your Service

Sending your parcels and freight from one state to another, whether it be urgently required or on a standard basis, means that you need couriers that can ensure that your deliveries will remain safe and secure irrespective of the distance it needs to travel. When you are sending or receiving interstate parcel deliveries, you need to make sure that the courier of your choice is concerned about your parcel’s condition throughout the journey and that you can have it tracked throughout. Otherwise, insurance disputes and damage claims may arise. Our free to use and instant service will help you in selecting from among a large list of interstate couriers that are most appropriate for you.

So what are some of the qualities that you should look for when choosing an interstate courier service?

  • A good and reliable track record
  • Sufficient experience in transporting similar items.
  • Numbers of deliveries or rounds completed per day.
  • The number of local offices or depots.
  • Valid up-to-date information on the progress of your consignment.
  • Positive reviews from other customers and businesses.

Interstate Transport Companies

In Australia, you can find a large selection of local, national and international companies that provide interstate courier and interstate freight services. Such couriers will vary. One might have a number of offices in different states, or base personnel in different locations, use different delivery modes, have different sizes of trucks or transport vehicles, operate online and have various strengths in logistics.

All of these factors will ultimately affect the cost. Therefore, when you are searching for a cheap interstate courier, the specific charges and taxes that each courier applies is obviously a very important consideration.

Our listing of over 200 interstate freight services and couriers across Australia will ensure you of a selection of companies that should be able to fulfil your unique requirements. Using our instant quotation service, you can choose small, large, local, regional, domestic or foreign couriers that most appeal to your needs.