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Cheap Courier

Our courier services make it easier and more cost effective than ever before for businesses and individuals to post items of all shapes and sizes locally and interstate therefore making your shipping experience better.


Finding a Courier Service in Australia

There are literally hundreds of companies in Australia providing delivery services of parcel and freight. Nowadays, it is no longer limited to just brick-and-mortal shops but also online establishments too. Finding the right courier for you can often be a tiresome, difficult and time-consuming activity. You need the right courier to deliver your goods to the right destination at the right time. Cheap courier services in Australia can be found by using our comparison service that simplifies the whole process. That is why you need our instant quotation services to make the most informed decision possible.

  • Save and money on courier costs
  • Free to use
  • Customise your delivery
  • Compare the best brands

Courier Services Delivery

Safety and security are crucial issues when you are choosing cheap courier services Australia. Australians are in great need of courier services that recognize their need for dependability, reliability and service delivery. They want courier services that respond quickly to their demands, invest heavily on transportation and logistics, have strong and sophisticated IT and monitoring systems and positively avoid any service failures even before they occur by being proactive and diligent.

When reviewing the existing offers afforded to you, you need to be ensured that the courier is up to the challenge, which is why you need couriers who can provide cheap parcels at competitive rates. They will provide you with security and peace of mind, so you can avoid worrying about whether or not your parcels have actually been delivered or received and focus more on your core work or leisure time.

With our convenient online service, you can instantly compare courier rates in seconds:

  • Quickly and easily compare courier rates
  • Customise your item dimensions for a custom courier rate comparison
  • Save time and money on choosing the right courier for your delivery
  • Compare rates and send parcels and packages domestically and internationally through a chosen courier company
  • Send parcels and packages via boat or aeroplane through a chosen courier company
  • Compare the best shipping rates from both local and global shipping providers

Cheap Australian Courier Services

The courier industry of Australia is booming and increasing. Its growth has increased by more than double that of the national economy. Additionally, the explosion of new online retailers and e-commerce-dependent websites has further increased the demand for parcel and freight delivery. Additionally, demand has also been boosted by social media enterprises benefitting from popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Delicious and a host of blogging sites like Tumblr, WordPress and Blogspot. The future for the Australian courier services can benefit your online business.

As a concerned consumer, you need firms that will provide cheap delivery, no-hassle pick-up and delivery, and top-level security. Our list of firms ensures that your high expectations are fulfilled. We are not intent only to satisfy your needs, rather we aspire to delight you with our instant quotations enabling you to inspect your courier’s credentials and receive quotes based on weight, length, width, height of your consignment and other criteria.

Customer Testimonials

“We had never even thought of comparing courier companies to get the best price, we just thought they were all the same… apparently not! Found a great deal going with TNT, it saved us over $40 shipping our package from Adelaide to Brisbane.” – Tania Moore, Adelaide

“Fantastic service – we use Compare Couriers for all of our courier requirements. We sell items on ebay and have found this service to be a great addition to the business by helping us save on our freight costs.” – Glenn Thompson, Melbourne

“Very impressed with the service. Helped us save when shipping things over to family in New Zealand.” – Sam Gibbs, Perth

“My wife’s friend told us about this service – very up front and helpful. Helped us save on moving packages to Melbourne from Geelong.” – Russell Mortinson, Geelong

“Thanks for the service, you are helping us save both time and money sending items all around Australia.” – Chloe Watkins, Hobart

“Was a little sceptical at first, but when we found out that we deal directly with the courier for the order, we have been very happy with the calculator service. It is saving us roughly 10% on our standard shipping costs.” Frank Smith, Melbourne