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Shipping Direct Freight Across Country or Abroad

Freight, also called cargo, refers to goods or produce that are transported via predominantly ship or air. It can include other modes of transport like trains or trucks. The term shipping can also refer to the process of sending items – although it traditionally meant goods transported by sea – but now has a broader meaning to encompass inter-modal transport by land or air as well. Other synonyms to describe the process of transporting your items include carriage or logistics. There are various types of freight including air freight, freight shipping or trucking freight.

So what distinguishes cargo from other delivery types like express services? The key point of differentiation is that it deals with deliveries that are usually bulky in nature and difficult to transport. Additionally, as the goods in question are heavy to handle, the time scale of each delivery is also lengthened – in contrast to express deliveries that emphasize rapid delivery of usually small items like parcels, packages or small goods.

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Looking for a Freight Quote

In Australia, as around the world, big shipping lines dominate the direct freight express industry. They control important shipping lanes and ports where containers are loaded and unloaded for one country to another. This is because the majority of heavy goods are transported using containers on container or merchant ships. Freight forwarders too, are actively involved in the shipping business. Freight forwarding companies provide an intermediary role between customers and carriers to ensure that deliveries take place in a timely and reliable manner. When you consider sending your goods in bulk, you should obviously look for a good freight company that matches your requirements. As they deal with heavy deliveries, rather than focus on speed of delivery or response, you should look out for other qualities that distinguish freighters from other courier modes such as.

  • Reputation and industry experience.
  • Number of offices, liaison partners and shipping agents.
  • Use the freight calculator to accurately estimate your delivery charges.
  • Physical delivery restrictions and policies (weight, dimensions, etc.).
  • Insurance and liability policies.

Freight Companies

Receiving and delivering freight is never an easy task. There is much more at stake than a simple parcel delivery here. You need international freight companies that can provide dependable, reliable and trustworthy service. You want them to guarantee the integrity of your goods as they move from point A to B. For your convenience, we have developed our website to provide you with an up-to-date international freight quote that will save you precious time and money.

If on the other hand, you plan to send or receive cargo in Australia, then choose interstate freight from one of the many freight services available. Our wide selection of national providers will ensure that you can choose the best carrier for your needs by easily adjusting your delivery destination, height, weight and quantity requirements.